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Our Short History


Handi Kabab House was established in 2016 out of necessity and passion. We couldn't separate these two words from each other. Because, it was the necessity of a food, where aroma and taste blended into perfect flavor, was missing in the area. And then, it would be impossible to implement this necessity without ultimate Passion.

As the saying goes; "Love what you do or Do what you Love", and that's exactly what we do at Handi Kabab House - to deliver a Perfect Flavor to our community!

We proudly serve authentic Indian Cuisine. All of our food are Halal certified as well.

We Care...

Working at restaurant is more than just about delicious food, we do care about health and safety of our customers and friends as well. We don't want you to get sick from our food. We highly practice clean hygiene and comply to Environmental Health!


Little about us...

This is a short history About Us, explained here briefly.

Dine With Us:

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